Introducing the Gallery Invitation Template!

We're excited to introduce the newest addition to Poply's online invitation maker – The Gallery Invitation!

Everyone on our team is in love with our newest invitation template and it's easy to see why – it's a fresh new way to create a custom invitation and show off your most beautiful photos. Poply invites are known for their elegant photo-forward style and the Gallery was created in response to requests from our hosts who wanted to add even more photos to their invites. Our designer accepted the challenge and created a new invite that can accommodate as many as four of your photos or videos!

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Make beautiful invitations with Poply's Gallery Invitation template!

Here are a few tips for making your own amazing Gallery invitation:

Perfect for People

When we set out to make this new invitation, one of our main goals was to create lots of spots for photos of your favorite people. The vertical photos on this invite are perfect for showcasing portraits or snapshots of individuals, couples, or groups of people. Highlight the birthday person on a surprise party invitation or celebrate the happy couple celebrating their engagement or a big anniversary. No cropping means you don't have to worry about anyone getting cut out of the photo.

Don't Forget Video

The Gallery template looks great with videos too! One of the unique features of the Poply app is the ability to add videos to your invitations. Videos are eye-catching and they are a great way to customize an invitation to make it unique. The Gallery Invitation's vertical spots are perfect for showcasing videos created for Instagram or TikTok. While you can add videos to all four image slots, we recommend limiting the number of videos you add to one or two that best capture the mood of your gathering. Too many videos can be distracting to guests who are trying to locate key information about your event such as an address or the start time of your party.

Pick a Theme to Match

Once you've selected photos or videos for your invitation, add the perfect finishing touch by choosing one of our premium color themes. Our basic theme suits any occasion with its use of black and white backgrounds and text. The addition of a color theme can take your invitation to the next level. Choose cream and forest green for a Christmas celebration, blue for a Hanukkah party, or black and red for an evening soirée – the possibilities are endless!

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Poply Staff

Poply Staff

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