How do I use a QR code to invite guests to my wedding event?

From your Engagement Party to your Big Day, Poply's online invitation maker offers several features that make it perfect to use for all of your wedding-related events. One of those features, a downloadable QR code, allows you to combine traditional paper invitations with the ease of online communication. If you want to add some digital sophistication to your wedding celebrations, look no further than Poply's QR code feature.

Each Poply online invitation has its own unique QR code, waiting to be incorporated into your beautiful paper invites or for use on its own as the invite itself. The process is a breeze—just a few clicks and you're blending classic charm with the ease of modern tech.

The brilliance of the QR code lies in its simplicity – a quick scan with a smartphone and your guests are taken directly to the Poply online invitation where they can RSVP directly. Don't have all of your guests' contact info? Not a problem! With the QR code, your guests can scan the code and enter their contact info themselves when RSVPing. No more hunting down emails and scribbling down phone numbers. The QR takes out the guesswork for the host and the guests.

How do I get a QR code for my wedding invite?

  1. After you have created an invitation, go to the Event Details page for your event.
  2. On the Event Details page, tap Download QR Code from the orange menu. If you have already invited some guests or added guests but have not sent your invite yet, tap the Invite More button and then tap Download QR Code. You may be asked permission to allow Poply to access your Photos to save the QR code.
  3. The QR code will then be saved to your Photos on your mobile device. From there you may choose to text or email it to your friends and family or print it out and send it to them in the mail.
A screen shot of Poply online invitation maker showing how to access an invitation's QR code.

If you're looking to up your wedding planning game, our downloadable QR code is a must. Just a quick scan with a smartphone and your guests can RSVP in a flash. Poply's downloadable QR code is your shortcut to a tech-savvy and stress-free celebration. Give it a try today!

Poply Staff

Poply Staff

San Francisco, CA